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'Essence of the Fifth Veda' launch

Author of books:

  • Bhagavad Geeta made simple‘ is available for a free download. This pocket book is a humble attempt to make your spiritual journey easier
  • Untold stories of Ramayana‘ narrates many heart-warming Ramayana stories from Valmiki Ramayana, Skanda Purana, Padma Purana, and other Hindu scriptures. The book explores over 300 geographical locations from Ramayana which you can visit even today
  • PP Govind Dev Giri ji Maharaja (trustee of Shree Rama Janmabhoomi Temple of Ayodhya) inaugurated my first book ‘Essence of the Fifth Veda‘. The book adds relevant Pauranic stories to the basic narration of Ramayana, Mahabharata, and Bhagavata Purana.

Talks on Ramayana, Shree Krishna, and Mahabharata at organizations like:

  • Indian Institute of Democratic Leadership, Uttan
  • Bhishma School of Indic Studies, Pune
  • Emerging Thinkers, Mumbai
  • Bay Area Youth Vaishnav Parivar, California
  • VJTI Literature Festival, Mumbai

Podcasts on YouTube channels:

  • Sangam Talks
  • Anvikshiki
  • Awaara Musaafir
  • Podcaster Show
  • Lifie Talks
  • Social Lite
  • The Singh talk
  • Corporate Ashram
  • Indology Katta

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