Mahabharata: A World War

Mahabharata: A  World War

I published this book for 2 primary reasons.

To authenticate the events of Mahabharata, this book links over 400 places from our scriptures with present-day locations. Mahabharata mentions many worldwide places proving it was not a local battle. Chapters are summarized with maps for better visualization.

Secondly, here you can learn about many lesser-known but related legends from the Purana-s which add important dimensions to the epic. Further, Bhagavata Purana declares that reading its stories of God Krishna will purify and pacify your mind. Skanda Purana elaborates on Khaatu Shyam’s life.

Mahabharata is a vast scripture that some may find quite lengthy to read. This book recaps even minor but relevant events narrated in the grand classic. I have included the finer aspects of the roles played by the epic’s many characters. For example, learn which Asura-s and Rakshasa-s reincarnated as some of the kings who allied with the Kaurava-s.

You will read how:

  • Mahabharata was not a local battle but a World War. Tribes like the Turkic-Greeks and Berbers of North Africa fought against the Pandava-s
  • God Krishna and Arjuna travelled to Iraq to establish Dharma
  • Why the Romans and Chinese were denied entry in Yudhishthira’s court
  • The Pandava-s travelled across Bhaarata 4 times
  • The epic Mahabharata covers Purushartha (the meaning of life) in detail. Purushartha includes Dharma (virtue), artha (wealth), kaama (desires), and moksha (freedom from rebirths)
  • The book explains in simple language, the path to happiness from the Bhagavad Geeta

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