Reduce malaria

anti-malaria foggingYou can complaint at your local MCGM ward office with the PCO (Pest Control Officer) department. There is a register kept with the PCO department, which can take note of the area, suffering from mosquito menace. The staff from this department can come and do anti-malarial fogging. But this may not solve the problem.

In order to keep the mosquito’s away from you, we propose that we do not let them generate, instead of running after them in the air using a fogging machine. This article aims to remove a common misunderstanding in the community regarding malaria.

Mosquitoes do not breed in gutters, waste water drains or filthy marshy sites. Mosquito eggs become adult in about 8-10 days in clean and constantly reviving or replenishing water bodies. It is very interesting to note that it breeds in man made containers only and even a small spoonful of clean water can be enough for a mosquito to lay her eggs.

If all the learned citizens help in covering or removing from their building terraces, all odd articles like drums, buckets, plant saucers, discarded bottles, tins, coconut shells, tyres, scrapped machinery parts, etc. that can hold or are likely to hold rainwater.

If everyone takes care of your own terraces, it would be a great contribution in the anti-malarial mission to your local area.


Specially when… Fever is with any of the following symptoms like severe chills, body ache, head ache, ear ache, stomach ache, throat ache, drowsiness, breathlessness, skin rashes, vomiting, dark coloured urine or diarrhea.

Take special precautions, when the fever does not subside or if patient is a child or diabetic or during pregnancy.