Untold stories of Ramayana

The book ‘Untold stories of Ramayana‘ was released on the auspicious day of Shree Rama navami.

Untold stories of Ramayana

In addition to Valmiki Ramayana, this book narrates from other Hindu scriptures, many heart-warming stories like:

  • How Rama’s sister Shanta married a sage
  • Story of Seeta before King Janaka found her in the ground
  • Why God Shiva destined the downfall of the evil Ravana
  • Rambha, Vedavati, and Punjikasthala caused Ravana’s end
  • Hanuman flew to Lanka 3 times not twice
  • Many celestials helped Rama to defeat the Rakshasa-s
  • The curses of 2 parrots and Rishi Bhrigu caused Seeta’s banishment
  • Rama’s descendants ruled many regions around the world
  • Maya Seeta’s fascinating connection to Seeta and Tirupati Balaji
  • The simple path to happiness from ‘Yoga Vaasishtha’ (also known as Maha-Ramayana)

This book covers over 300 geographical locations from Ramayana which you can visit even today. In easy language, the book highlights the relevance of Ramayana in today’s life.

‘Untold stories of Ramayana’ is now available online at:

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