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Dear 'Die Hard Indian',

King's Circle stationKing's Circle station cleanliness and beautification suggestions

Our proposal to help keep King's Circle station clean has been accepted by Central Railway (CR). This may be the first time ever that Indian Railways has approved such a non-profit venture, on experimental basis.

If you or your group would like to help clean up the station (OR) if you have suggestions to help beautify the premises, please do write back.

Electricity billsSuspect billing practice of BEST

Sometimes BEST is not transparent while sending estimated bills. I am following up with Maharashtra government's Legal Metrology department to understand how meters are calibrated and BEST sends estimated bills.

If you have had a billing problem, kindly send photocopies of bills to address listed below. It will help understand if there is a genuine problem.

Or you can complain to BEST at [email protected] or 22843939. Then you can follow up with Legal Metrology department at [email protected] OR [email protected] call at 22023354.

Road work

Road work

BMC has started work on 2 of the roads, which needed upgrade as requested by local citizens.

Dinshaw Master Road, Parsi Colony paper work done:

24 Dec 2013  |  6 Feb 2014  |  BMC reply 5 Mar  |  23 May 2014  | BMC reply 20 Aug  |  9 Sep 2014  |  9 Dec 2014

Rambaug Lane, Matunga paper work done:

24 Dec 2013  |  6 Feb 2014  |  BMC reply 5 Mar  |  23 May 2014  | BMC reply 20 Aug  |  9 Sep 2014  |  9 Dec 2014

Elected MP's and MLA'sMobile numbers of recently elected MLA's and MP's of Mumbai

Please feel to contact them, if you have suggestions or complaints for your local area.

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Thanks and Regards,
Gaurang Damani
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