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Dear 'Die Hard Indian',

garbage trucks How we solved a 34 years-old problem?

There were about 55-60 garbage trucks which used to be parked in a residential area (Telang Rd and Bhaudaji Rd, Matunga CR). There was a ML (Motor Loader) chowky, where the garbage trucks would register their attendance.

This caused inconvenience and accidents, as the area has several schools, temples and a mosque.

Timeline synopsis:

  • Sept 2006 to Feb 2011 - Dozens of complaint letters and visits to the BMC and traffic police
  • June 2011 - Public Interest Litigation (PIL petition) filed in Hon'ble Bombay High Court
  • March 2012 - Hon'ble High Court order asks BMC to shift ML chowky from Telang Road. BMC proposes to shift chowky near Shanmukhananda hall
  • Feb 2013 - Intervention Affidavit filed by residents of Flank Road (near Shanmukhananda Hall)
  • August 2013 - Additional Affidavit filed
  • October 2013 - Hon'ble High Court order asks BMC to shift ML chowky from Telang Road and Flank Road
  • April 2014 - Intervention affidavit filed by the BMC Labour Union, opposing shifting of garbage trucks chowky
  • July 2014 - Hon'ble High Court orders BMC to take care of the interests of the labourers
  • Aug-Oct 2014 - Follow-up visits to the BMC ward office, to ensure compliance of court order. Finally all trucks move out by end-Oct 2014.

The petitioners:

* Gangjibhai Dedhia * GR Vora * Somel Thakkar * Dr Meena Vora * Sanjay Someshwar * Dr Roshan Bhakta * Mahesh Vyas * Mitesh Shah * S Ramakrishnan * Ramaswamy Iyer * Mohmad Habib * Maruti Jadhav * Piyush Gada * Krishna Kumar * Manoj Arora * Llyomesh Takwani * Mohan Singhand * Gaurang Damani (author of this newsletter)

Others who helped:

* Adv N Raja * Adv Raju Thakkar * Adv Shyam Mehta * Adv Akshay Patil * Adv Kalpesh Joshi * Adv Shailesh Rededkar * Adv Ajai Fernandes * Mahendra Ozha * Jayshree Damani * Priti R Shah * Uday Shah * Shashi Pal * Surendran * Mr Mani * Sanjay Chheda * BMC ward officials and labour, and others...

blood donation camp

Navyug Group has organized a Blood Donation camp on Sunday, 30 November 2014 at Shree Vallabh Vidyalaya, Sion, from 8 am till 5 pm. For more information please contact 98700.76552. Please donate blood and save lives!

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