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Dear Die Hard Indian,

BMC waterHow to deal with high water bills? And simple tips to save water...

How to read your society water bill and please read about procedure to tackle high water bills (
thanks to Sion-resident Shri Shyam Vanwari).

Also attached are simple and un-conventional means to save water.

boundary wallCentral Railway (CR) closes all boundary wall gaps between CST and Thane

Every year over 3,500 people die crossing suburban railway tracks. Started writing and meeting CR officials about 6 years back, asking them to close the gaps
on both sides of the railway tracks, to reduce trespassing-related deaths. Also met the General Manager in Jan 2011.

Kudos to the newly deputed Sr DEN (LM) Mr Pandey and his team of Mr Arun Kumar, Mr Deshpande and now Mr Rodrigues, who started closing the gaps
in Oct 2012. As a result, we now have the CST to Thane completely sealed (except MMRDA's SCLR bridge section). Also work has started on four FOB's (Foot-over-bridges) between Chembur and Mankhurd. Hopefully all this collectively should save lives!

Paperwork snapshots (max size 35 KB each):
26-11-2013  |  27-8-2013  |  19-8-2013  |  20-5-2013  |  9-5-2013  |  2-5-2013  |  10-4-2013  |  5-2-2013  |  8-1-2013  |  21-12-2012  |  29-10-2012  | 14-4-2010  |  12-5-2009  |  7-5-2009  |  2-5-2009  |  14-2-2009  |  14-12-2008  |  16-7-2008  |  15-7-2008  |  25-6-2009  |  12-1-2008 

cell towerImplement citizen-friendly Cell Tower installation regulations

We are not against Cell phones or cell towers, but the Maharashtra government is trying to over-rule very good citizen-friendly regulations of BMC on cell tower installation. Government should address potential health hazards caused by radiation from these cell towers.

Please click on this signature campaign, requesting the government to have clauses where a minimum reasonable distance between towers and residents is specified; towers are disallowed on schools and hospitals; taking permission from residents before installing towers; etc.

Other local updates
blood donation camp

Navyug Group has organized a Blood Donation camp on 8 December 2013 at Shree Vallabh Vidyalaya, Sion, from 8 am till 5 pm.

For more information please contact 98700.76552. Please donate blood and save lives!

Flank Road garbage
Thanks to Mr Bawlekar of BMC F/N for organizing clean-up of garbage bins area on Flank Road, near Gandhi market. Challenge is to make sure people put the garbage in the bins!

Other works in progress:
  • Beautification opposite Vithal Mandir (Sion circle)
  • Fixing potholes at newly made road 22, opposite Shanmukhananda hall
  • Ensuring BMC shifts the gabage chowky from Bhaudaji Rd - Telang Rd, as per the High Court order

Thanks and Regards,
Die Hard Indian - gaurang Damani